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Keep your PC in TopShape. notifies you about outdated apps installed on your device.

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Adam Loveridge , Blogger:

"I was surprised at how much faster my computer was after installing It was as if my computer was saying Thank You!"


Maintaining your PC should be simple and transparent.

The free maintenance and security solution automatically identifies all out of date programs which can leave your PC slow or even open to attacks. It then supplies your computer with all the necessary software updates to keep it safe and up to date, while always consulting with you first!

By keeping your computer up to date with the latest and greatest of your favorite applications, makes your computer faster and more secure. Moreover, it ensures you make the most out of the software you download. is recommended for every home computer, provided free of charge, and complements the Microsoft Windows Update Service.


Developers is the ideal way for keeping your users happy and satisfied. Only with you can be sure your users are getting all those new features you've been working so hard on. Plus, you can take pride in helping your users maintain their computers more stable and secure.

Join our developer program, to receive a unique, user friendly installer of your software bundled with our updater (NSIS based). Once installed, will remain on the lookout for your latest software, and update your users the moment a new version is out. By keeping in line with your latest innovations, your user's satisfaction will skyrocket.

We track the latest versions of tens of thousands of leading applications. Your users will benefit not only from updates to your software but for most of their other applications. Become a winner by bringing your users more value, keeping their system safe and stable. Join today, by filling the form below.

Jim Jerome, Sys-Admin:

"Launching an update to 50,000 corporate users can get challenging. was just what we needed to stay ahead of the game."

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